Mooer-Micro Looper Pedal


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Mooer Micro Looper Loop Recording Micro Guitar Effects Pedal

The Mooer MEP-ML Micro Looper inherits the MINI size of the MICRO SERIES. Record, playback, stop, overdub and delete, all these functions can be controlled by one single footswitch. This gives you an easy and direct operation experience. The Micro Looper has up to 30 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubbing times. You can focus on your music and need not to worry about other troubles.


Product features:

1.True Bypass

When Micro Looper is in the Bypass status, it would not affect the original signal,which ensures your signal to be clear and lossless.

2.Recording Time

Micro Looper has up to 30 minutes of recording time, enough for you to record down your songs.

3.Unlimited overdubbing times

Micro Looper has no maximum limit for the overdubbing times.

4.High quality sound restoration

Using high quality electronic components which ensure the playback audio signal as clear as the way they are recorded, you will never lose any detail.


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