Do you want to learn or have just starting learning to play an instrument?

Whether you are embarking on a journey to the heights of rock stardom or your happy just belting out the bedroom blues, We have great value instrument kits available for you to choose from.

Also if you feel like you could use some help mastering your instrument we can provide you with one on one lessons for you or your children. Mammoth Academy of Music

  • Guitar Kits

    Guitar Kits (5)

    Our guitar kits are perfect if you are just starting out, they come with a guitar, a bag, a tuner and an amp (for electric only). If you are looking for a guitar for a more advanced player please check out our complete range.

  • Drum Kits

    Drum Kits (1)

    We have a range of kits perfect for beginners.

    From junior acoustic kits to full size electronic kits that come with a built in learning modes.